Monday, October 25, 2010

Ariff Zakuan.

I have a son. his first word is "sumandak". i need parenting guide???

Thursday, October 21, 2010

everyone need change!

hi everyone (like there is someone reading my post - hahaha!), *think positive izah*. well, its been nearly a month that i haven't post anything in my blog. everytime i started to run my fingers on the keyboard, trying to find ideassss on what-i-should-blogged, my mind stuck. I started thinking, maybe i'm lacked of vitamin C, D, K, (or whatever alphabet it might be). Or maybe i was too concern about what-should-i-blogged thing...hehehe..ok, enough with the crap!

ok, well, new building, the hottest topic of the week! yay! finally, we can moved! when i announced the news of moving to my students, they screamed (well, its not really a scream though) YAY!! but the "yay" is not really express the real "yay", if you know what i was a flat "yay". wuhuhu..lets discuss about the "yay" lah, i'm kidding!

Moving to the new building is really challenging. Tiring. Tiring. hehehe but its worth! Finally, the wait is over. Eventhough, there is some procedures that need to be completed before we "landed" to the new building, and that procedures are sooooooo-sooooo-soooooo inviting for us to slap someone's face!!! hahaha! but like i said, its managable.....

so, what's next? Oh my, i love the "unexpected" thing. hehehe. maybe i should stop now and google some office interior..or, or....nevermind..hehehe. i thing thats it. see you in the next blog. (hopefuly its not in a month time, maybe lesser, or

p/s: the differences between me and her are :
1. we listen to the same song and she doesnt.
2. she did not enjoy your humor like i do
3. she doesnt even know your initial!!
4. well, the most important thing, i know the other side of you!! you're not what she's hoping

thats it, run now!!!

*caution: this blog is for reading pleasure only. no heart feeling ya.....

Friday, October 1, 2010


bila tengok gambar2 convo, teringin mau convo lagi. hmmm...Ya Allah...limpahkan rezeki, panjangkan umurku, kuatkan semangatku, agar aku dapat mencapai cita2 untuk bergelar seorang philosophy doctor...amin...