Thursday, September 29, 2011

This is just a saying.....

"I'm not sure if its you I fall in love with....but I'm sure I fall in love with your family........"

Monday, September 12, 2011

my short trip to kl

@ BoraOmbak

part of the gazebo @ BoraOmbak

the skies are blue, greatest feeling :)

but it was raining when we were about to land :(

my travel companion :)

Ok, its 12.11 am. I have just finished mandi, and packed everything in my super duper little hand carry bag. Hehehe..first time datang KL bawa beg kecil. And of course, I have to control myself of not doing a heavy shopping..muahahaha..well, fyi, this is my shortest trip to KL. Satu mlm sahaja. my last trip to kl was in July, before puasa. now, dtg lg balik for a one day training at Petaling Jaya, in our main campus. 10 of us were selected to this training. We stayed in Prescott Hotel, very near to SOGO and monorail station. Eventhough this is my shortest trip but I managed to go to SOGO (ni mmg wajib ni), KLCC, Bukit Bintang, Lot 10 (menyesal pi sini..heheh), Sungei Wang...and Ampang Point..hehhe...memang cover habis. I planned to go to Pavillion tapi.....janganlah...(mengelak diri daripada Coach..hehehe).

So, i want to talk about dinner. My bestfriend brought me to BoraOmbak. The place is very beautiful....damn beautiful...honestly, its romantic...cozy...except for the live band offense but, i dont like the live band. Klu tempat tu tidak ramai org dtg, salahkan live band dia..hehehe! anyway, my first impression to this restoran is..superb...mcm ala-ala bali...hehehe...*teringin mau pi Bali for honeymoon* its so romantic. we were headed to a gazebo, very nice gazebo with white curtain, cozy cushion. I should have take picture of that place, but my camera gone flat...damn! i managed to take a few picture though...

I have so much story to tell but i'm very sleepy and tired. I have to wake up early tomorrow, catching ERL to Petaling jaya....seriously, aku susah hati memikirkan aku terpaksa berlari-lari dgn kasut tinggi tu....ok lah...need to shut down now...sleeppyyy.....good night everyone....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Berdua Bersatu Forteen(Official Video) pula lagu ni. The other day, aku tercari-cari siapa yg menyanyi lagu ni. The lyrics are simple. I don't like the video though...klu video tu ada drama lagi best....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sorry - not the hardest word to say...

Trust me...
Sorry is not the hardest word to say..

I'm sorry for being such a jerk, stubborn, psycho-dramatic person
I'm sorry that i hurt your feelings
I'm sorry for being a person you don't want me to be
I'm sorry for being irrational person
I'm sorry for not being there when u needed me the most
I'm sorry for the harsh words that came out from my mouth
I'm sorry for the "Go! I don't want you here!"

The truth is I really want you here
I want to hold your hand
Asking for your forgiveness
Feels your warm lips kisses my forehead and say "I forgive you..."

Saturday, September 3, 2011

its fighting time!!

ok, its suck! i have been in a million fight with him but i think this time is the worst. i know, i'm not really good in "discussion" thingy but i know i'm really good in keeping it for myself. i don't know how to express my unjustified feeling, i don't know how to vomit all my anger, all i can say to him is..."go!! i don't want u here!!" tears??? i failed that too...maybe i'm just too strong to cry it out. its just too hard to hold your patient when things getting harder and harder. its just too hard to communicate when things get messy and unfolded. sorry should not be saying when u have the intention to repeat the same mistake. i'm tired to fix things right, i'm tired to listen the same thing over and over is not a pass for u to hurt me...