Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Well, some people just born to be stupid! Pardon my language. *grin* I just can't accept the idea of having two facebook accounts which the other one is to be used to stalk other people life. Urrgghh! How childish is that?? And, not to forget, you tell bluff about yourself! and..and..when the other FB acc update her status and the other FB acc will comment. Yucky! Please...grow up! Ok, maybe i'm overreacted a bit but thats the fact. You don't like me? then its up to you. I'm living my life to the fullest, not for people who put me in their "most hated people" list. I have been taught to respect people, to like people, how to be nice to other people, how to be a optimist person. Well, my parents shaped me very well. Always to think positively. So, my positive opinion to this kind of people is..."she needs attention, really" (pity her). Please, move on and get a life, it will not get you any harm, trust me.