Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Entry 2013

Okey, this is my first entry for 2013. Sorry readers :) Well, I know, someone is actually quite rajin to read my blog everyday. I know, I just know (PERASAN, OK!) heheheh... For the last 8 months, many things happened in my life. Good thingss, actually. Ya...really good thing. Oh, and someone is actually CURIOUS about my marriage. How do they do? Are they doing fine? Things like that..(Masih ada manusia zaman sekarang yang masih tidak bertamadun, suka melihat kehancuran orang lain). Enough la weii...Jaga tepi kain sendiri sudahlah...kami happy...sgt happy. Never been better..atau dlm bahasa melayu dia. tidak pernah kami segembira ini. (ok, aku marah) hehe... Not a very good entry to start with, ehh? I know...