Friday, October 28, 2011

LENA AF9 - Sisa Kisah Kita dengan lirik | with lyric

I don't really like the video clip but I like this song very much :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tiada yg sempurna

"Aku bukan mencari kesempurnaan...tapi aku mencari pelengkap ketidaksempurnaan..."

Friday, October 21, 2011

....someone like you.....

Don't forget me, I begged, I remember you said, "sometimes it lasts in love, sometimes it hurts instead.."

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

panas memanas!

Tukar nama lah ni kalau selalu saja memanas...hehehehe....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Forgetful Izah....yes, she is.

Well, quite a catchy title, isn't it? hehehe...Actually, let me put it this way, not forgetful, but confuse..and pelupa juga kadang2.

Take for example, yesterday was my first class for Entreprenuership. So, i went to the class. In my mind, my class is at West 3. But, I went to East 3! God! I can't even differentiate which one is west and which one is east!

Aku juga selalu binggung dengan "kanan" dan "kiri". Bila si kawan driving and need directions, i always tertukar kanan dan kiri. When we supposed to go left, i will say it, "masuk kanan...". bikin bergaduh juga ni...hehe...apa boleh buat...aku slalu sesat d KK....aduii....teruk aku ni kalau benda2 yang melibatkan direction. heheheh...Thats why, kalau sda buat janji dgn org, i always coming up early. bukan apa..takut sesat...hehehe...

And I always forgot about date. even my own birthday..hehehe...last month is Azli's birthday, I sms him on 1 September, and asked him "its your birthday tomorrow or the day after tomorrow..?" Well, there is a big different between 2 and 3 right??? how am i suppose to differentiate aku kna sound...relaks sja dia reply "Tiada birthday aku tahun ni...tahun depan kali ada..." Aku diam, sama ada mau ketawa atau tidak. but, finally, i remember, its on 2nd Sept. hehehe....sorry, my dear...

Okey..itu masih boleh dimaafkan. Last few months ago, masa first time jumpa setelah berbelas tahun tidak jumpa, we went for a date somewhere...well, aku knal dia by his nickname coe. I'm trying to remember his real name but i can't recall his real name. Mau tidak mau, i asked, "Siapa nama betul ko tu, coe?".....there is silence on his face. berkerut dia tinguk aku..."ko nda ingat nama aku???, teruknya ko ni..." Seriously, i laughed. and i'm deadly serious that i forgot his real name.....hancur....bah, how am i supposed to remember, i met thousands new people in a year (well, that quite exaggerating, hundreds maybe...). And, I said to him..."Sorry, i've just got my brain-reformatting, maybe your details are broken and can't be fixed, but its always good to install a new information, right..??" hehehehe.....

Now, i'm trying to pick up things that evolve around me, trying to remember little things. Kadang-kadang, benda-benda kecil ni yang buat kita happy. But, we always have a good joke on that "Siapa nama betul kau tu?"- thingy..heheheh. Well, thats me, Izah, selamat berkenalan....FYI, there is a lot more to come, bukan sekadar pelupa...byk lagi. bear with me, will you?

Monday, October 3, 2011

New semester has started!

Okayy....semangat! new semester has started few weeks ago. I started my new semester with a very positive energy. I want my students to pass with flying colours! of course. Tidak kisah lah kalau ada student yang tidak mahu bagi kerjasama. Yang penting, aku sampaikan ilmu yang sepatutnya pada mereka, without thinking any reimbursement from them. Well, i love my job. Walaupun ada yang terpaksa aku ulang beribu-ribu kali. kadang-kadang pandai juga hilang sabar, tapi itulah lumrah sebagai pendidik.....hopefully, ilmu yang aku sampaikan boleh buat bekalan di akhirat kelak...amin...

so, as usual. I teach International Business and Entrepreneurship for Diploma and Bachelor students. i started my class last week. normally, during first lecture, i will discuss the Do's and Don't in my class. I'm very flexible. Most of my students will get an A for my subject. Yalah, dorang suda bayar sanggup tgok dorang dapat C or below. But! That A must come with some conditions 1) Attend lecture 2) Do your assignment 3) Sit for your tests 4) Behave in my class. thats all! mudah kan?

So, this third quarter of 2011, i'm kinda busy with a lot of things...doakan semoga aku boleh melalui fasa terakhir tahun 2011.....aminnnn......