Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Forgetful Izah....yes, she is.

Well, quite a catchy title, isn't it? hehehe...Actually, let me put it this way, not forgetful, but confuse..and pelupa juga kadang2.

Take for example, yesterday was my first class for Entreprenuership. So, i went to the class. In my mind, my class is at West 3. But, I went to East 3! God! I can't even differentiate which one is west and which one is east!

Aku juga selalu binggung dengan "kanan" dan "kiri". Bila si kawan driving and need directions, i always tertukar kanan dan kiri. When we supposed to go left, i will say it, "masuk kanan...". bikin bergaduh juga ni...hehe...apa boleh buat...aku slalu sesat d KK....aduii....teruk aku ni kalau benda2 yang melibatkan direction. heheheh...Thats why, kalau sda buat janji dgn org, i always coming up early. bukan apa..takut sesat...hehehe...

And I always forgot about date. even my own birthday..hehehe...last month is Azli's birthday, I sms him on 1 September, and asked him "its your birthday tomorrow or the day after tomorrow..?" Well, there is a big different between 2 and 3 right??? how am i suppose to differentiate aku kna sound...relaks sja dia reply "Tiada birthday aku tahun ni...tahun depan kali ada..." Aku diam, sama ada mau ketawa atau tidak. but, finally, i remember, its on 2nd Sept. hehehe....sorry, my dear...

Okey..itu masih boleh dimaafkan. Last few months ago, masa first time jumpa setelah berbelas tahun tidak jumpa, we went for a date somewhere...well, aku knal dia by his nickname coe. I'm trying to remember his real name but i can't recall his real name. Mau tidak mau, i asked, "Siapa nama betul ko tu, coe?".....there is silence on his face. berkerut dia tinguk aku..."ko nda ingat nama aku???, teruknya ko ni..." Seriously, i laughed. and i'm deadly serious that i forgot his real name.....hancur....bah, how am i supposed to remember, i met thousands new people in a year (well, that quite exaggerating, hundreds maybe...). And, I said to him..."Sorry, i've just got my brain-reformatting, maybe your details are broken and can't be fixed, but its always good to install a new information, right..??" hehehehe.....

Now, i'm trying to pick up things that evolve around me, trying to remember little things. Kadang-kadang, benda-benda kecil ni yang buat kita happy. But, we always have a good joke on that "Siapa nama betul kau tu?"- thingy..heheheh. Well, thats me, Izah, selamat berkenalan....FYI, there is a lot more to come, bukan sekadar pelupa...byk lagi. bear with me, will you?