Friday, January 14, 2011

hanya Tuhan yg tahu ku cinta kau

jika ada yang bilang ku lupa kau jangan kau dengar
jika ada yang bilang ku tak setia jangan kau dengar
jika ada yang bilang ku tak baik jangan kau dengar
jika ada yang bilang ku berubah jangan kau dengar
banyak cinta yang datang mendekat...ku menolak
semua itu kerna ku cinta kau...

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Classes will start next week. Tidak sabar rasanya mau teriak2 dalam kelas. I didn't mean to scare u, luaran jak tu. hehe! So, i was cleaning up my PC, susun satu folder last semesters. carry marks, test, quiz, i arranged accordingly.

Masa cleaning-cleaning tu, i saw 1 folder "sms that i liked so much". byk sms2 yg aku save dlm folder ni. well, saja transfer p pc, just in case my hp hilang, or kena format. a year ago, i received a few sms yg pelik. i did not know the once in a while, aku suka baca sms dia. lately, jarang suda dia sms. once in a month pun jarang. i don't want to know who is he or she (but i assumed its a HE...heheh) because it will ruin the excitement of receiving the sms.

"ingat kamu buat jantung saya berdebar-debar. Jumpa kamu, buat jantung saya berdebar-debar. Tidak jumpa kamu, pun buat jantung saya berdebar-debar. Tiap hari macam ni, buat saya sakit jantung, terus saya ingat mati. Lagilah saya berdebar-debar.." ---- i laugh out loud reading this one.

"KK hujan ka? sini mau hujan ni...mendung ja dari pagi. Matahari pun tidak nmpak. tapi saya tahu matahari ada. Macam kamu,saya tidak nampak kamu depan mata, tapi saya tahu kamu ada....di hati saya" ---- he such a sweet talker!!!

"Are you sleeping?? Did i awake you?? -- gossh! i just have a weird dream. i saw u walking down the aisle. Macam pernah tgok muka org yg menunggu kamu di sebelah sana. i recognize his smile. Damnn!! he took u from me!!!..opppsss, its me! its me! thats my smile...." ----- he's probably a lunatic! gila ni org. this sms i received in the middle of the night. i forgot to put my phone on silent mode.

it was an ancient history. I dont know who is this person. aku pun malas juga mau tanya siapa. like i said, it will ruin the whole surprises! to the person sending this sms-sms to me. thanks for making my day. one question, kenapa tidak hantar sms suda?? habis credit suda?? heheheh.....

Separuh Jiwaku Pergi

I let you go...and u gone together with the other half of me. Sorry. I think this is the best way......

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011, be nice to me :)

Touch it right? i seriously did not know where that phrase came from. Maybe from the commercial or advertisement i saw and i forgotten about it ;) well, this is my first post for 2011. I dont feel like writing actually. Don't get me wrong. my new year celebration was a blast. for the first time, i tried poco-poco and addicted to was amazing and exhausting but it was fun and interesting (for the first-timer like me..hehehe).

early this year also, i was admitted into an ER for being unconcious due to unbearable pain i experienced. i was driving that time, on the way back to kk. suddenly, my back was soooo painful and i could not tahan it. i pulled over, luckily my brother was with me, and he's the one who called for help. Tell u the truth, i'm ready to be "taken", i said my syahadah and i prayed that my mom, dad will forgive me, and hoping that they will take care of ariff. it was very painful and i cannot think other things but death. seriously. i was rushed to the ER. Blood, urine, heart, were examined. Fortunately, all tests were negative to any deasease. Alhamdulillah, but i still wondering why/what caused me that. Later, i know why. Mudahan2, Allah saja yg membalas semuanya.

so, 2011, i hope "you" will be nice to me. i promise, this year i will achieved something. thanks to all people around me for making what i am matter what u did to me, you hated me, you liked me, you loved me, you dumped me, --- u actually made me to move forward and pushed me to become a good person. so, to those people who involved, i dedicated this poem to you...urrmmm...i get this from someone actually :) i hope he don't mind i share it here...

~~ Thanks to those who hated me, you made me a stronger person.
~~ Thanks to those who loves me, you made my life wonderful
~~ Thanks to those who were worried about me, you let me know that u actually care about me.
~~ Thanks to those who left me, u made me realize that nothing lasts forever.
~~ Thanks to those who entered my life, you made me who i'm today.

thanks for everyone. let this year is the year for us to be successful.