Monday, January 10, 2011

2011, be nice to me :)

Touch it right? i seriously did not know where that phrase came from. Maybe from the commercial or advertisement i saw and i forgotten about it ;) well, this is my first post for 2011. I dont feel like writing actually. Don't get me wrong. my new year celebration was a blast. for the first time, i tried poco-poco and addicted to was amazing and exhausting but it was fun and interesting (for the first-timer like me..hehehe).

early this year also, i was admitted into an ER for being unconcious due to unbearable pain i experienced. i was driving that time, on the way back to kk. suddenly, my back was soooo painful and i could not tahan it. i pulled over, luckily my brother was with me, and he's the one who called for help. Tell u the truth, i'm ready to be "taken", i said my syahadah and i prayed that my mom, dad will forgive me, and hoping that they will take care of ariff. it was very painful and i cannot think other things but death. seriously. i was rushed to the ER. Blood, urine, heart, were examined. Fortunately, all tests were negative to any deasease. Alhamdulillah, but i still wondering why/what caused me that. Later, i know why. Mudahan2, Allah saja yg membalas semuanya.

so, 2011, i hope "you" will be nice to me. i promise, this year i will achieved something. thanks to all people around me for making what i am matter what u did to me, you hated me, you liked me, you loved me, you dumped me, --- u actually made me to move forward and pushed me to become a good person. so, to those people who involved, i dedicated this poem to you...urrmmm...i get this from someone actually :) i hope he don't mind i share it here...

~~ Thanks to those who hated me, you made me a stronger person.
~~ Thanks to those who loves me, you made my life wonderful
~~ Thanks to those who were worried about me, you let me know that u actually care about me.
~~ Thanks to those who left me, u made me realize that nothing lasts forever.
~~ Thanks to those who entered my life, you made me who i'm today.

thanks for everyone. let this year is the year for us to be successful.