Thursday, January 13, 2011


Classes will start next week. Tidak sabar rasanya mau teriak2 dalam kelas. I didn't mean to scare u, luaran jak tu. hehe! So, i was cleaning up my PC, susun satu folder last semesters. carry marks, test, quiz, i arranged accordingly.

Masa cleaning-cleaning tu, i saw 1 folder "sms that i liked so much". byk sms2 yg aku save dlm folder ni. well, saja transfer p pc, just in case my hp hilang, or kena format. a year ago, i received a few sms yg pelik. i did not know the once in a while, aku suka baca sms dia. lately, jarang suda dia sms. once in a month pun jarang. i don't want to know who is he or she (but i assumed its a HE...heheh) because it will ruin the excitement of receiving the sms.

"ingat kamu buat jantung saya berdebar-debar. Jumpa kamu, buat jantung saya berdebar-debar. Tidak jumpa kamu, pun buat jantung saya berdebar-debar. Tiap hari macam ni, buat saya sakit jantung, terus saya ingat mati. Lagilah saya berdebar-debar.." ---- i laugh out loud reading this one.

"KK hujan ka? sini mau hujan ni...mendung ja dari pagi. Matahari pun tidak nmpak. tapi saya tahu matahari ada. Macam kamu,saya tidak nampak kamu depan mata, tapi saya tahu kamu ada....di hati saya" ---- he such a sweet talker!!!

"Are you sleeping?? Did i awake you?? -- gossh! i just have a weird dream. i saw u walking down the aisle. Macam pernah tgok muka org yg menunggu kamu di sebelah sana. i recognize his smile. Damnn!! he took u from me!!!..opppsss, its me! its me! thats my smile...." ----- he's probably a lunatic! gila ni org. this sms i received in the middle of the night. i forgot to put my phone on silent mode.

it was an ancient history. I dont know who is this person. aku pun malas juga mau tanya siapa. like i said, it will ruin the whole surprises! to the person sending this sms-sms to me. thanks for making my day. one question, kenapa tidak hantar sms suda?? habis credit suda?? heheheh.....