Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tanya hati, jangan tanya akal

Perselisihan faham itu lumrah. Terpulang pada kita, how to handle that argument. Sometimes, an argument dikatakan dapat mengeratkan hubungan. In such a way that, couple will realize how they need each other when they're away from each other and no phone calls, no "good morning, cinta" sms, no "good night, mimpi aku" sms. That really are killing! LOL.

But our recent argument, really open my eyes and it make me realize how much i need him. Every words he said really "knocked" my head. Dengan tenang, dia cakap "tanya hati, jangan tanya akal sebab akal akan menipu...". I silent, for a few seconds. and I murmured, I need you. Seriously, i didn't planned it all....for some reason, i really asked my heart. and my that was heart who "answered" his question. Tell u the truth, it was amazing......

Seriously, i never thought this relationship will work but now, i really want to make it happened. No matter what happened, hopefuly, dengan izin Allah, I really want to make this happened.