Thursday, June 16, 2011


yeaaa!! tomorrow is friday. well, i really looking forward to Friday. Who doesn't love Friday right?? hehehehe. i have so much things to do this weekend. We going to have Kaamatan Celebration here in Unirazak, i will be one of the judges of Unduk Ngadau. Inilah first time aku jadi judge unduk ngadau..hehehe! well, there is always a-first-time moment for everything kan?? after that function, me and coe will go viewing some houses (again!). we were doing this for so long already. but, still, we have not meet the right house yet. just not yet. but we'll keep looking, like what i said to him.."slowly, take it easy...ada juga tu nanti.." *finger crossed* so, anyone, who have house for sale, just let me know.

ok, i have 20 minutes more before my class starts. apa lagi aaa?? oh ya...congratulations to my bestfriend..Rina, who recently gave birth to the cutest baby boy in the world!! Shaheem Reza! what a cool name. We will going to visit her and the baby this weekend. ramai kawan-kawan beranak bulan jun ni. ohh..not forgetting, to my future sister in-law yg tinggal tunggu hari lagi. kakak doakan smua selamat..aminnn.....

ok..thats all! i'm really have mood to write something now, tapi my students are waiting :p heheheh!!

p/s: sebelum cakap pasal org lain, tgok diri sendiri dulu, ngam kah tidak...heheheh! enjoy your thursday night everyone!