Monday, November 22, 2010

Love the way you lie.....

the question is "what's so good about being lied to?

No, actually its not. I don't "love" people lied to me. For some reason, i know they're lying but i always find a way, knowing that they're lying to me. and i hate that fact of being lied. very much.

maybe, i "care" that people so much, so i have to accept that they're lying to me. Am i showing that i'm afraid of losing them???????? but, do i have a choice?

enjoy ur day...


ANNAZ said...

Of course you have the choice. Its your choice. When you said you care that person, are they care about you? Lying to you. Its hurting. But until when? Do you think by accepting the fact that the person lied to you, and just ignored you can live happily? No. They would do it for the 2nd time