Wednesday, November 24, 2010

maybe its too many maybe.....

i was trying to sleep just now. this feverish temprature, runny nose, sore throat really kill me. seems like 2 spoon of cough syrup did not affect me at all. i'm immuned to drugs. this coughing, and flu always do their "routine visit" to me every month. when other women having their menses every month, i'm having coughing and flu (plus the menses, of course). my medical allowances has exceeded the limit just because of this cough. hmmmm....i think there is something wrong with my body system. maybe the blood, the water, the fats (wishpering) did not mix very well. then causing my blood flow went crazy "inside". i think, there is a conspiracy inside my body, maybe the "community" inside me is on war. they keep blaming each other for not functioning very well. maybe there is a tank booming at each other. or maybe they were just give up to function because of my eating habit. OOOOO........cut the crap izah.....get back to sleep....good night everyone! muuuuaaahhh!