Saturday, September 3, 2011

its fighting time!!

ok, its suck! i have been in a million fight with him but i think this time is the worst. i know, i'm not really good in "discussion" thingy but i know i'm really good in keeping it for myself. i don't know how to express my unjustified feeling, i don't know how to vomit all my anger, all i can say to him is..."go!! i don't want u here!!" tears??? i failed that too...maybe i'm just too strong to cry it out. its just too hard to hold your patient when things getting harder and harder. its just too hard to communicate when things get messy and unfolded. sorry should not be saying when u have the intention to repeat the same mistake. i'm tired to fix things right, i'm tired to listen the same thing over and over is not a pass for u to hurt me...