Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ok, hi. its been a while I did not post anything in this column. Well, kadang2 I cannot cope with other works. (Yaaa...right..) hehe..So, how was your raya preparation? Me? Thanked God, I have done my raya shopping earlier than what I normally do. I just doesn't want things will get crowded and messy kalau buat last2 minit. and yeaaa!! i managed to look for a tailor yang sanggup jahit baju aku for the last minute. Theme color? hmmm...we didn't have exact theme color..i don't know, just that, we're different. Well, we walk our life colorfully. Tidak kisah lah if he wanted to wear blue, purple or anything. yg penting we're together this hari raya. and tidak kisah lah where we will be on hari raya pertama, yang penting, we're together. I'm thankful for that, sangat bersyukur. Me changed?? Ya...clearly...for the better I think. He managed to shape (kind of) me to another better woman.

Well, its not that i'm not good before this, but this time, i'm better than last time you saw me. wahhhh.....heheheh...seriously. Trust me...hehehe...even though, "kadang-kadang" (my other word for SELALU) me and azli macam living in the two different worlds. When i said it black, he will definitely said white. When I want to eat PIZZA, he wants to eat NASI CAMPUR (grrrrrr). When I want to watch GLEE, he wants to watch MAHARAJA LAWAK. When I want to get some sleep, he wants to go jalan-jalan. When I want to go for karaoke, he wants to go for a movie. And, we listened to different kind of song. And, I'm a Pisces, he is a Virgo, thats totally breaking the rules of horoscope match-making. hahahah!! Anyway, still, I love him. and so do him. Despite of all the differences....we still laugh at the same joke...we still support the same football team (eheemmm, manchester united), we still think that pink is a girly color...we still think that Kek Tong Hing juga yg paling sedap, heheheh...and the most sweetest thing is, we have the same thought of having each other in our life.

i think the differences make us strong. i mean, there are something we can argue about, right? when there is an argument, it will follow by apology, in that apology, it will contain ayat2 yang paling manis...i think that is what we are falling of......kita mesti berfikiran positif, perbezaan bukan penentu kebahagiaan (punya gagal bahasa melayu aku..hehehe). sometimes, it will keeps us close..real close....

Okey! i want to drink a me, azli, and all the differences......heheheh..hope the differences will compliment each other in our life...